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Ian maintains his long-held belief that no genre or style should be off the table when saying yes to composing work. His catalogue includes music for professionals, amateurs, young musicians, theatre, musical theatre and dance.

teaching and education projects

He specialises in the online teaching of GCSE, IGCSE and A Level Music and coaching for the composition and harmony coursework elements of examinations. Additionally, Ian is well placed to offer guidance with preparation for Higher Education Music applications, auditions and interviews.


Ian is happy to consider occasional conducting roles, whether for one-off concerts or residential courses, or longer-term engagements, depending on location and other commitments.



Ian has decades-worth of arrangements in his store cupboard for just about any imaginable ensemble. Many of these have been born out of the need, often urgent, to provide something playable at a concert or an examination, and for whatever musicians just happened to be available. Others are more generic, made-to-measure for jobbing ensembles or educational workshops.


Ian’s Biscuit, Bread and Cakes…

Ian’s other passion is baking. Read Ian’s Biscuit, Bread & Cake log for regular updates and occasional recipes.