Fun Fig Rolls

I imagine some of you are expecting to see a recipe or two. Well, if you insist, here’s a recipe – “or two” will have to wait until I next update IBBC log…

Fun fig rolls

What you need

30g ground rice

Shake of mixed spice

90g caster sugar (I like the brown stuff)

Pinch of salt

180g butter (believe me, butter makes for better biscuits)

1 ungenerous tablespoon of golden syrup

10 large, juicy, dried figs, chopped with stalk-end removed

What you have to do

Mix dry ingredients

Beat in butter & syrup

Roll dough into an oblong, approx. 38 x 18cms

Spread chopped figs down the centre

Roll up the dough, seal the overlap & squash it all slightly

Cut it into 2 and place it seal-side down on a well-greased baking tray (you might want to use to parchment to make it easier to lift when it’s cooked)

Bake at 110C (Fan) for 16-20 minutes

Remove from tin. Cut when warm, to whatever size is suitable for somebody who really deserves that homemade biscuit.

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