Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all and best wishes for a memorable 2023!

My last resolution was made in September – to update my website and Blog at least monthly. Well – that went out the window. So I’m making no more, not ever, never – not a single one.

So then, what’s been happening?

The BIG NEWS is that my latest orchestral piece – A Further Obscuration of Roger’s Masks – has been shortlisted for BBC National Orchestra of Wales – Composition: Wales 2023. I’m really looking forward to working with the orchestra again and especially with Ryan BancroftGavin Higgins and Sarah Lianne Lewis. Do sign up for the streamed workshops and put the concert in your diary: 7pm, 7 March, BBC Hoddinott Hall, Cardiff.

Rather embarrassingly, my local newspaper – Powys County Times – appears to have relished picking up this story.

Details of all of my orchestral and large ensemble pieces may be found here.

Christmas in mid Wales is always full of joy and last year was no exception. Cor Trefaldwyn got together with Monty Folk to present Midwinter Music at St Nicholas Church in Montgomery in mid December. As always, I’d put together much of the music that we sung, including new arrangements of Coventry CarolGaudete!I Wonder As I Wander and Patapan. The details of these may be found here along with those of some of the hundred-or-so arrangements of choral, vocal and instrumental music I’ve made over the years.

On the teaching front, I continue to collect private students (always room for more) as well as continuing with my important work for Junior Trinity. Next week, fingers will be securely crossed as three of my students anticipate the results of their Oxford interviews.

I couldn’t possibly leave you without a dollop of culinary news from the dark depths of Ian’s kitchen. The range of fruit-infused spirits that had been macerating in the garage were a big hit with allcomers. Strawberry Gin and Raspberry, Nectarine & Mint Gin, Blood Orange Brandy and Victoria Plum & Cinnamon Brandy were on the menu throughout the holiday season and friends and family are looking forward to the bottling of my Conference Pear, Bay Leaf, Chocolate & Honey Whisky sometime in February.

A spoonful of local, professional advice saw my mince pies come out crispier and more delicious than ever (sorry – trade secret!) and the Christmas cake is already nearly finished. Of course, that could be something to do with the 600ml of dark, Jamaican rum that it gobbled up since I made it in mid October…

As always, do please contact me directly if you’d like to purchase or hire some my music, or if you’d like to peruse any of the items in the Lists of Works.

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