Spring News

Well – so much for my last resolution – this is only the second Blog of 2023! Ho hum…

The première of A Further Obscuration of Roger’s Masks last month by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, conductor Ryan Bancroft was a wonderful affair. A large audience (by contemporary music standards!) gathered eagerly at BBC Hoddinott Hall, Cardiff on 7 March and the performance was extremely well received by everybody. Most exciting was that I was joined by my wife, Julie, and composer-daughter Bethan Morgan-Williams. It was also my great honour to be accompanied by Elma Bayne, widow of Roger Cowen, artist, the memory of whom the music was dedicated.

Many thanks, of course, to mentors Gavin Higgins and Sarah Lianne Lewis

Details of all of my orchestral and large ensemble pieces may be found here.

My work with Cor Trefaldwyn is on-going, as is the way with such long-term projects. They are a terrific bunch of committed singers who seem (bizarrely) to enjoy the challenges of the music I make for them, whether original ditties or S.A.Bar. arrangements of anything from British folk songs to operatic arias by Lully. Those of you who know my music will be unsurprised to read that the challenges are usually rhythmic. Whatever… they’re sounding pretty damn good to me!

Cor Trefaldwyn is looking forward to another collaborative performance with Monty Folk on 20 May at St Nicholas Church in Montgomery. So, get ready for a little bit of audience-participation silliness and more poorly-coordianted dancing!

At this time of year my thoughts always turn to my students, as they brace themselves for examinations and assessments. Best of Welsh to all my private and Junior Trinity students!

Before I go, some news of the Conference Pear, Bay Leaf, Chocolate & Honey Whisky. Sublime!!!

Please  contact me  directly if you’d like to purchase or hire some my music, or if you’d like to peruse any of the items in the Lists of Works.

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